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Greenheart is a unique business whose mission focuses on showcasing and protecting the natural world. Our projects are not only economically sustainable, but are profitable. This means that the company can benefit local communities whilst delivering returns to stakeholders and partners; all through the operation of our intelligently built, strategically located ecotourism attractions.

Building meaningful success stories

World Class Reputation

Greenheart has gained a wealth of experience working in urban environments, parks and protected areas creating a global network of conservationbased aerial trails, either developing worldclass attractions for third parties, or owned and operated by Greenheart. We focus on the creation of drawcard attractions that allow both visitors and the local community the chance to experience and benefit from conserving nature. Greenheart projects are carefully planned and designed, with meticulous attention to detail and longterm sustainability in mind.

Supporting Nature

Greenheart attractions generate revenues that support the ongoing management of places of natural beauty, national parks and protected areas, including expenses such as protection of endemic and endangered species, restoring and maintaining biodiversity, serving indigenous and local community needs, supporting scientific research and education, and of course providing an environment for visitors to take in the majesty of nature. What’s more, our attractions located in urban areas serve as platforms for conservation education even when located in the most densely populated and highly developed locations.

Get in Touch.

Reach out if you want us to work on a project together. We would love to hear from you.

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